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Genealogical projects in JurgĂłw area

JurgĂłw and the rest of Spisz's area is area from which many people have emigrated to the other countries in the past. Now a lot of people especially in USA spent a lot of time to find their roots in home country. In many cases it is a Slovakia or Poland. Especially Zamagurie area is very interesting and from other site very difficult to do the research because this area was in several countries during the time when a lot of people emigrated. There is an DNA project started by Karen Melis where she want to collect DNA check result to help people find their roots. Below you can read more about it.

There is many ways how to make an genealogic research. Very helpfull is here Ellis Island database. I've put together few information which should help people to find correct record there.

Zamagurie Region DNA Project

More information about this project can be found at: Below article of Karen Melis.

Zamaguria Region DNA Project
Text transcription will be available soon

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