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Halny & Rumcajs (PL,SK) Interesting web page about Jurgow's history, the village's brass band , the Spisz region, etc.

Official web site of Tatra Museum in Zakopane (PL). Detailed description of division of museum in Jurg├│w (PL).
Old and not updated version of museum description in English: Tatra Museum in Zakopane - house in Jurgow
Churches at Spisz region (PL) Churches of the Spisz region (PL) About churches located in the Polish part of the Spisz region . . .

Another page about Jurgow (PL) Another page about Jurgow (PL) Another page about Jurg├│w, including many old pictures from Jurg├│w.
TARG (EN) Tatra Area Research Group - web page

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