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Web Page history:

 29th December 2009
Will apreciate your opinion about: Virtual Jurg├│w web page. Short summary of the last year:

 30th March 2008
  Today I've translated some new parts of web page into English. This notice is just in case somebody is checking what's new here.
New parts are:

Please check soon for new parts. Part about the genealogy and DNA in the area will be added shortly

 27th April 2005
  New version of web page was started

 24th February 2005
  This file was not updated for long time. Currently I'm making some changes and updates in all web page. Mainly style corrections and HTML cleaning. Some mistakes will be corrected etc. I hope after this changes web page will look much better.

13th Novmber 2004 
  Today Jurgow's web page have new Discussion forum This forum have also English language. I hope you will use oure forum very often. If you have some problem with our forum send me an e-mail

 30th July 2004 
  I make some corrections and add new pictures of Jurgow's church and sawmill.

 3rd January 2003 
  Some information about a water saw-mill and was added in attractions section

 13th August 2002 
  New section about Jurg├│w's music. Melody of some Jurg├│w songs with Lyrics etc. Soon description of Jurg├│w daces and folklore group will be available. Want to see click here

 04th August 2002 
  After I succesfuly finished university I trying finish english version of Jurg├│w's web page.

 11th February 2002 
  Added some new sections in english abotu Jurgow's music.

 30th September 2001 
  Many corrections of English translation and other mistakes

 3rd July 2001 
  I made some corrections to page functionality. Graphic face of page still is not finished. I add test version of infoservice and sending comment form to web page. If you have some comment simply click here and write your comment to me.

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